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KOHAKalamazoo Optimist Hockey Association (Michigan)
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ByWater Solutions has a proven track record in first rate Koha implementation and support with library systems of all sizes.
Koha support and hosting--up to 15,000 titles 2,950 [pounds sterling] Installation and configuration 950 [pounds sterling] Implementation workshop 950 [pounds sterling] Training--system admin--basic (half day) 475 [pounds sterling] Training--cataloguing (half day) 475 [pounds sterling] Training--circulation (half day) 475 [pounds sterling] Training--OPAC (half day) 475 [pounds sterling] Total 6,750 [pounds sterling]
For almost 10 years now, I have been working on the Koha project, first as a community member, then as a documentation manager, and eventually as a support provider.
Application and use of Koha enterprise resource planning system in information and knowledge management organizations is too strong to ignore, due to the hard economic situations facing institutions in regard to spending and the need for provision of quality services to the customers.
Conversely, Koha has emerged as the only survivor of this early group and has grown to be the most adopted ILS product in the world.
The Evergreen and Koha communities are both composed of an expanding array of librarians, software developers, system administrators, circulation clerks, library directors, commercial service providers, trainers, and end users.
The Daily Nation has a circulation of about 200,000, El Espectador a daily circulation of 50,000 and a Sunday circulation of 250,000, and Koha Ditore has a daily circulation of about 30,000.
The United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK) prepared, according to the Kosovar daily Koha Ditore, an evacuation plan for its personnel (about 500 people) and the 15 international agencies working in the region, in case Kosovo's declaration of independence, which could happen on 17 February, leads to violence.
The Koha ILS system is an excellent example of an open source library project (Koha Open Source Library Systems, n.
Un programa de Gestion de Bibliotecas, con licencia de software libre, que funcione en Linux y con prestaciones profesionales (OPAC via web, catalogacion formato MARC, codigo de barras, prestamo automatizado, reservas de documentos online, etc) ya existe y se llama Koha <http:// www.
Hone had for many years defeated our attempts to get him to claim his expenses or receive our budgeted koha, and it was as a result of an ingenious plan that we managed to get him to accept the guitar
Koha envisions a growing "dot-coin opportunity" for writers, designers and others to integrate further technological innovation into new communication packages.