KOVOMetal Workers Unions (Slovakia)
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The KOVO Trade unions have identified specific features as well as the importance of the automotive industry for Slovakia's economy and employment," said Monika Benedekova, deputy chairwoman of KOVO.
In a letter of support Emil Machyna, OZ KOVO president, said Peugeot did not care about the 2,300 employees who will losing their jobs if the plant closes as planned next summer.
We have declared this action because we failed to agree on wage conditions for the coming year, that is for this year, with the employer," Juraj Hojnos, chairman of Embraco, Slovakia's organisation of the KOVO trade union, told the SITA newswire the next day.
I would also like to extend my thanks to the KOVO trade union who once again accompanied the companys development constructively in 2015, says SKODA Board Member for HR Bohdan Wojnar.