KPBKenai Peninsula Borough (Alaska, USA)
KPBKevin-Prince Boateng (professional footballer)
KPBKeep Pinellas Beautiful (Clearwater, FL)
KPBKefir Preserving Brine
KPBKrediidipanga Baasintress (Estonian Credit Bank Prime Interest Rate)
KPBKey Porter Books (Canada; publisher)
KPBKokomo Park Band (Kokomo, IN)
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KPB is located in downtown Anchorage and is comprised of eight registered architects, four emerging professionals, one landscape architect, interior designers, and administrative support staff.
The final was between KPB and the Monkstone Monarchs (Mike Jones, John Barnes and Roger Griffin).
As it unfolded, the state and KPB (following Moscow) sought to overcome the problem through the intensification of labor productivity and the rationalization of production.
The completion of the deal is subject to the successful fulfillment of due diligence, approval by KPB Marketing shareholders and regulatory clearance, among other conditions.
The Rovensko fault is significant as the tectonic limitation of the Cretaceous sediments toward Permo-Carboniferous volcano-sedimentary complex crop out on the east in the KPB.
NBBJ SEATTLE, WA, KPB Architects ANCHORAGE, AK, AND Neeser Construction, Inc.
The couple used to run computer consultancy KPB in Dunblane, but it ceased trading after running into financial difficulties.
KPB has organized successful programs, including backyard composting classes, tree seedling giveaways, and School Environmental Days.
Perkebunan Nusantara companies and the KPB, and, should it come about, the government and private producers will enjoy the benefits.
FROM BACK PAGE about KPB walking off the pitch with teammate's after being racially abused are true, fair play to him.
0 Source : KPB PTPN Nusantara Table - 20 Forecast of sugarcane milled production, 2010 - 2014 Year Production (thousand tons) 2010 45,536 2011 46,902 2012 49,247 2013 51,709 2014 53,200 Source: ICN processed
a) The Intrasudetic Shear Zone (ISZ) trending WNW-ESE forms the crystalline basement above all in the KPB (Autunian and Late Cenozoic times sensu Ulicny et al.