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KPMGKlynveld Peat Marwick Goerdeler (accounting firm)
KPMGKaiser Permanente Medical Group
KPMGKeiner Prüft Mehr Genau (German)
KPMGKommen Prüfen Meckern Gehen
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KPMG and McCarter & English, co-sponsors of the meeting, kicked off day one with an impressive array of speakers, including Mark Daniele, John Brescher, and Joel Horowitz of McCarter & English, and Thomas Konciscs of KPMG (Executive Compensation); Brad Brown, Mike Monteleone, Frank Mattei, and Scott Weisbecker of KPMG, and Kenneth Thompson of McCarter & English (Navigating Sarbanes-Oxley); James Venere, Russell Levitt, Joanne Addas, and Laurence Cusack of KPMG, and David Shipley of McCarter & English (Regional State Tax Issues); and William Connolly and Edward Moragas of KPMG (Income Tax Accounting).
The project team, consisting of Embraer, Oracle and KPMG Consulting staff, managed to develop the eMarketplace--from concept to launch--in an outstanding time of only 90 days," says Michael Judd, managing director, KPMG Consulting.
While this is the company's first year as a prime contractor to the CIOSP contract community, KPMG Consulting is already a revenue leader and we look forward to working with the company for the remaining nine years of this contract," said Dr.
If we ask KPMG to evaluate Proposition BB contracts handled by the very company they have had a longtime, multimillion-dollar relationship with, then that is inappropriate,'' said David Tokofsky, a board member who sits on the audit committee.
After research, KPMG concluded that Connecticut unconstitutionally exempted interest on state bonds from its franchise tax, but taxed interest on federal bonds.
The KPMG Foundation is proud of the very positive influence it has had in helping to increase the number of diverse faculty members at our nation's colleges and universities," said Jose Rodriguez, KPMG Foundation chairperson.
Pictures, TONY FLANAGAN' Abbie Matthews, KPMG' Jennifer Craig, KPMG and Harjinder Kaur, Wragge and Co' Roger Aldridge, KPMG' Sandra Rubidge-Killon, Dun and Bradstreet' Anoushka Whysall, KPMG and Charlie Patrick, KPMG' Paul Baglole, Sally Gilluley, Paul Sutton, Sally Richards and Gerald Peacock, all Lombard Vehicle Management Ltd' Neil Harrison, KPMG' Andrew Evans, KPMG' Johanna Buckley, KPMG' Alison Murphy, Rhodia UK Ltd and Tracey Wright, KPMG' Steve Jones, Doug Rumbold, Audrey King, all West Midlands Police' Ian Wright and Duncan Smith, both HSBC
In tax investigations, however, DPAs have been rare, and while the KPMG agreement has many features common to other DPAs, it contains other provisions unique to tax enforcement.
KPMG Corporate Finance LLC is a leading financial adviser serving domestic and international clients.
We have much respect for KPMG and have been pleased with the level of service and professionalism we have received from its international member firms," stated Timothy E.
In connection with the audits of the two fiscal years ended April 30, 2005 and 2004, and the subsequent interim period through July 31, 2005, there were no disagreements with KPMG LLP on any matter of accounting principles or practices, financial statement disclosure, or auditing scope or procedures, which disagreements if not resolved to their satisfaction would have caused them to make reference in connection with their opinion to the subject matter of the disagreement.
Judge Glass sanctioned KPMG by ordering, among other things, that Targus will be allowed to present evidence at trial of KPMG's recklessness when performing audits and will be entitled to seek punitive damages.