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KSCSKorean Society for Cognitive Science (South Korea)
KSCSKnee Society Clinical Score
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The Bulgarians were seen as war criminals; therefore, the decision to accept the Bulgarian Metropolitan on the soil of the KSCS was criticized.
took place in Sofia, with participants from three Balkan countries: Bulgaria, the KSCS, and Romania.
The willingness to cooperate was mutual, though it did not mean that the KSCS had overcome the umbrage of the past or that Bulgaria and its church were prepared to give up claims on Macedonia and tolerate the policy of its neighbors in areas that they considered to be their territory.
The KSCS report praised its own policies--minorities were represented in the parliament--and criticized the Bulgarian government for supporting illegitimate activities on the territory of the KSCS.
Equal representation, participation, access to project benefits and decision making are cared for in all KSCS development programs.
Findings show that environmental sustainability is considered as one of the top priorities in KSCS strategies towards sustainable development.
Evidence from KSCS shows that increased levels of participation and commitment among its intended beneficiaries, coupled with the development of relatively strong leadership, led to good organizational performance
Since 1994 when it ended its operational involvement, KSCS has taken over the operation and management of the project.
Results of assessment of sustainability of the branches of KSCS in terms of the selected eight criteria are presented below:
From the results of field intervention it can be said that all branches of KSCS have strong identity based on linage geographical proximity of KSCS and common history.
Leadership is legitimately selected and controlled by KSCS branch members.
It is implied that every member of the community who has capacity can compete and gain experience, which is essential for long-term sustainability of KSCS.