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KUBKatholieke Universiteit Brabant
KUBKatholieke Universiteit Brussel (Dutch: Catholic University of Brussels; Brussels, Belgium)
KUBKelompok Usaha Bersama (Indonesian: Joint Business Group)
KUBKidney, Ureter, and Bladder
KUBKnoxville Utility Board
KUBKomanditine Ukine Bendrija (Lithuanian: Limited Partnership; Lithuania)
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Developed and designed by KUB Capital, the Townhouses of Wythe Lane are a collection of six single-family homes.
270) that it was Frank Starke who established that the islands referred to in the letter KUB 26.
The KUB 250 has been clinically tested to reduce radiation exposure by up to 40% with our advanced high resolution imaging technology," said Chester Lowe, PhD, FACR, Research and Development Director at Kubtec.
DUG]ki-iz-zu-ul, here in close connection with LAL 'honey', is found in KUB 55.
In the intervening period, the ceramic beak had become calcified rendering it indistinguishable from a bladder stone at cystoscopy, but more obviously a metallic foreign body on KUB.
New drill sizes have been added to the KUB Duon double-effective line of drills.
The Knoxville Utilities Board (KUB) is soliciting consulting firms to provide assistance in benefits administration, including but not limited to: 1) Assist KUB in understanding health care market trends, defining best practices for self-insured plans, and balancing quality of care with cost containment.
CHICAGO, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- InvestorsObserver issues critical PriceWatch Alerts for SBUX, KUB, HAL, ACT, and NBIX.
5) Therefore, if correctly identified, the omen text on KUB 4.
KUB Duplon twist drills are designed for small bores and high cutting speeds and feed rates.
We congratulate TVA and UTK on this partnership," KUB President and CEO Mintha Roach said.