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KUEHKitasato University East Hospital (Japan)
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A fruity cold brew of Ethiopian coffee (read: Ethiopia is the birth place of coffee) matched a coconut and cream kueh, similar to maja blanca.
Kueh Hwa Ik is a Group Financial Controller at Unza Group of companies in Singapore.
While there is a growing literature on determinants of FDI flows in China (for example, Kueh, 1992; and Zhang, 2000), the empirical studies on the site selection of FDI have been limited.
Liu, Yew-kwang Ng, Yak-yeow Kueh, Stan Siebert, Kai-yuen Tsui, Xiang-dong Wei, Eden Yu, for valuable comments and Roger Yip for library search assistance.
These include Cannon (1990), thai (1994), Chai and Leung (1985), Falkentheim (1985), Jia and Tisdell (1993), Kueh (1992), Lo (1989, 1990), Pannell (1987), Rothenberg (1987), Tisdell (1993), Tsui (1991) and Yang (1990).
Kueh and Christopher Howe, "China's International Trade: Policy and Organizational Change and Their Place in the 'Economic Readjustment'," China Quarterly, No.
Local dishes included kueh pietee, a pastry cup filled with chopped vegetables, topped with green onions and chili pepper sauce; rojak, mixed vegetable plate with peanut paste sauce; and for dessert, peranakay kueh, coconut-flavored rice gelatin, and kertop ubi, coconut and tapioca cake.
For dinner last month, we sampled some of chef Malcolm Lee's Peranakan specialties-bite-sized Kueh Pie Tee with crabmeat, curry and laksa leaf, and grilled Kurobuta Satay.
showed thrombocytopenia in 67% of the cases and Kueh et al.
Empirical evidences show that market openness is one of the factors that motivate Malaysia's investment abroad (Ariff and Lopez 2007; Goh and Wong 2010; Kueh, Puah, and Apoi 2008).
Highlights include the Yong Gallery, where visitors can learn calligraphy, and a visit to Kim Choo Kueh Chang, a Singapore mainstay which sells Peranakan snacks, where visitors can get a brief introduction to the Peranakan culture and enjoy a hands-on experience at rice dumpling making.