KVAHKilovolt-Ampere Hour
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Tenders are invited for WORK CONTRACT FOR MONTHLY TOD METER READING OF ZERO PC CONSUMERS (For consumers having load 0 to 10 KW - monthly 4 slot reading (KWH, KVAH, RKVAH & MD-KVA as well as recording the excess MD-KVA reading through CMRI, reading of TOD meters with punching & for consumers having load above 10 KW- through CMRI AND ALL OTHER ALLIED WORKS INCLUDING DISTRIBUTION OF THE BILLS UNDER MULUND DIVISION.
Tenders are invited for Calibration of 3 phase, 4 wire KWH, KVARH, KVAH ABT meters for providing to Open access consumer services at MRT Division/CEDC/West
Tenders are invited for Work Of Meter Reading Through Cmri Under The Area Of Bhandup Division includes following work-a) Reading of LT-V & Commercial category consumer(LT-II) in 4 slots (KWH, KVAH,RKVAH & MD-KVA) & all other allied work as per scope of work given in Technical bid.