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KVARKilo Volt Amperes Reactive
KVARKilovolt-Ampere Reactive
KVARKondor Value at Risk (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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This makes the need for risk management tools such as KVAR both a fact of life and part of an exciting opportunity for sound and sustainable growth.
The A1200 ALPHA meter is extremely flexible; thirty display quantities can be selected from a total of seventy quantities, including phase currents, energy quantity (kW and kVAR or kVA) per tariff, overload threshold, maximum demand, total operating time, demand reset count, error codes, and many more.
Tenders are invited for Providing ladder in connection with Replacement of faulty 140 KVAR APFC panel with 300 KVAR APFC panel at ground floor near pump room New Custom House, B.
Six tenders for the supply of (a) medium voltage condensers 300 KVAr complete with their accessories, (b) condensers 25 KVAr , stages regulators and contactors required for 25 KVAr condensers, stage regulators and contactors for the same, (c) 11 kV circuit breakers, (d) 24 kV medium voltage main distribution panel comprising 6 cells (including 2 incoming feeders + 1 Bus Coupler connector + 1 Bas bar disconnector + 2 outgoing feeders), (e) connection boxes suitable for (1x400 mm2 & 3x240 mm2, 18/30 kV cables), also (f) oil immersed transformers of 1.
Tenders are invited for Supply of 121 KVAR and 242 KVAR Single Phase Capacitor Units
Three tenders for the supply of (a) an instrument to measure transformers oil insulation, (b) supply & erection of 100 KVAR condensers' boards with special purpose reactors, also of 150 & 400 KVAR multistage condensers boards 400/ 525 volt, also (c) water coolers.
For generator operation, the Galaxy PW boasts a truly generator friendly design due to its low kVAR input filter that limits reactive current fed to the generator.
Tenders are invited for Repairing Of 70 Kvar And 105 Kvar Apfc Panel At Central Excise Office Bldg.
Two tenders for the supply & erection of (a) multistage condensers' boards of 100, 500 & 650 KVAR equipped with a special purpose rector, also (b) similar boards of 100 KVAR, 400/ 525 volt capacity.
The VESS unit, which will be modular and relocatable in design, will be used by PacifiCorp to supply peak power capacity (charging in the off-peak hours) and provide end of line voltage support (supplying up to 250 kVAR of reactive power) in a remote area in southeastern Utah.
Three tenders for the supply & erection of (a) multistage capacitors' boards 450 KVAR, 400/ 525 volt & 450 KVAR, 400/ 480 volt, (b) similar boards bur of 100/ 250 KVAR, 400/ 480 volt & (c) similar boards but of 100 KVAR, 400/ 480 volt, 250 KVAR, 400/ 480 and 150 KVAR, 400/ 480 volt but equipped with special purpose reactors as per specs and conditions.
Fuses, (c) 12/ 20 kV, 1 x 400 mm2 copper cables, also (d) supply and erection of 250 KVAR & 125 KVAR capacitors' boards equipped with special type reactors, also (e) supply & erection of different capacity multistage capacitors boards of 75 & 100 KVAR capacity, 400/ 525 kV tension as per specs.