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KVASKanawha Valley Astronomical Society (Charleston, WV)
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Caracteristicas: Equipo UPS, diseno rack torre de 10 KVA on line doble conversion, tecnologia DSP, 50Hz / 60Hz modo de convertidor de frecuencia, funcion de apagado EPO, comunicaciones SNMP / USB / RS-232, ideal para servidores, centros de datos, grupos de trabajo como tambien equipos electro medicos.
COOK'S TIP: Beetroot kvas, fermented beetroot juice, adds an intense colour and a slight tartness.
The Pushkin offers the mainstays of Russian cooking: kvas and sbiten'; suckling pig with apple gravy (as a cold appetizer); blini with osetr and salmon caviar; mutton Hussar, "stewed in beer for more swagger," as the menu describes it, and baked with mushrooms into a pie; beef Stroganoff; chicken giblets with mushrooms in rye-bread "pots"; salmon and sturgeon (grilled, stewed, or jerked), pel'meni (dumplings) with beef, pork, veal, salmon, or mushrooms; and catfish "baked into a potato puree under a spinach sauce.
The Russian summer beverage kvas, made from rye bread, sugar or honey, and water is an example of this simple process.
These range from off-hours air-conditioning to riser rent, roof rent, and KVAs of UPS and EP, all of which represent additional income in a well-negotiated lease.
On the table slices of ham and sausage, a honeycomb in a clay bowl, and I was drinking kvas from a tin cup.
When they finally get to the front of the line, the kvas is nearly all gone.