KVHSKentucky Virtual High School (also seen as KVS)
KVHSKankakee Valley Historical Society (Kouts, IN)
KVHSKennebecasis Valley High School (Canada)
KVHSKlickitat Valley Health Services (Goldendale, WA)
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KVHS charges $150 for a half-credit course and $300 for a full-credit course; however, scholarship funds are available and some online courses made available through traditional, facilitated classes are tuition free.
Morgan says a consortium of the state universities, the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, KVHS and VATC are looking at adopting a common delivery medium for K-16 e-learning.
KVHS relies on student needs, school requests, overall demand and an access assessment to determine what courses should be developed and offered, Stevens says.
If KVHS develops the course, a team of teachers is assembled to design the course to meet all state and national curriculum standards.
We're very excited about our partnership with Apex", said Linda Pittenger, Director of the KVHS.
As part of this grant, one-hundred student scholarships for online AP courses through KVHS are available this year.
The KVHS is an unprecedented collaboration between the Kentucky Department of Education, the Council on Postsecondary Education, and the state's major education partners whose common interest is to secure an internationally superior education for our state's citizens.
Department of Education's Advanced Placement Incentive Program, KVHS developed the Kentucky AP Incentive Program to increase opportunities for students to be successful in AP courses.
A certified staff member must proctor the final exam for each KVHS class.
Kentucky officials are working with school districts to expand the KVHS curriculum for fall classes.