KVUKentucky Virtual University
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8220;Focusing on the relationships between physical, social/emotional, language, cognitive, and artistic development, the KVU philosophy and approach teaches children appropriate social skills needed for school and life,” said Malhotra.
To avoid this, the KVU program is founded on enabling children to feel secure.
The KVU program also allows the class to be tailored to the children's interests, by focusing on an emerging curriculum.
It is therefore possible that Sukrtidatta developed his own definitions of individual alamkaras before he wrote the KVU (even as the unidentified definitions of meters that appear as glosses in the KVU manuscripts may originate from his Chandahprabandha, t o which he refers at 14.
More detailed information seems to be contained in the bhumika to Prapannacarya's "bislang unveroffentlichten Ausgabe" of the KVU (p.
To be sure, translating texts such as Sukrtidatta's KVU presents problems.
The KVU shall be prepared as a total delivery from tenderers in accordance with the Ministry of Finance~s scheme for quality assurance of major governmental investments.