KVWKeuringsdienst Van Waarde (Dutch: Inspectorate of Value; TV show)
KVWKolbe Vinyl Windows (Wausau, WI)
KVWKalamazoo Valley Walkers (Michigan)
KVWKettle Valley Winery (BC, Canada)
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Kalebjian carries Swiss Water and KVW from Germany.
Howell does not describe himself as a great fan of decaf, but he relates this about the way he decided to handle it in his Lexington cafe, "I have only one decaf, I decided to bite the bullet and hot get the CO2 or the water process, I don't like to play with the chemicals but I found a methylene chloride decaf processed at KVW, a Costa Rican coffee through Bill McAlpin, that just blew everything else away.
KVW has leaflets available that explain the methylene chloride process.
CC employs some 220 employees in Bremen, among them about 20 engineers for technical research, development and planning, serving not only Bremen, but also the decaf plants of CFD in le Havre, DESCAFECOL in Manizales and more recently, KVW in Hamburg.
KVW was also been founded in 1931 and operates a production capacity of 15,000 tons of decaf coffee and some 30,000 tons of caffeine-containing low irritant coffee.
Driving through the Hamburg streets was no treat for me as I struggled to follow the map and read the street signs that changed its name every three/four blocks So, it was with great pleasure that a thoughtful man from Halyssen & Lyon drove me to KVW.
Halssen & Lyon is well known as a pioneer company worldwide in flavored teas (1967), instant teas (1960), and in decaffeinated teas and coffees (1935), the latter being produced by their sister company, KVW, Hamburg.
In deeping with their concern for quality the only decaf SBC carries is KVW.