KWKKraft-Wärme-Kopplung (German: Combined Heat and Power)
KWKKoperasi Wahana Kalpika (Indonesian)
KWKKnights of the White Kamelia
KWKKolding Windsurfing Klub (Denmark)
KWKKidane Wolde Kifle (Ethiopia, Amharic Geez keyboard)
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The Bosch Group has been developing and manufacturing standardised or customised CHP plants for biogenous gases and natural gas for almost 30 years and Bosch said that its KWK system draws on decades of experience in the manufacturing of cogeneration plants.
We recognized that, while we didn't like the message of the KWK, they had a right under the First Amendment to say it.
We would find out what song we'd be performing when we got to the KWK studios.
The Globe was hooked up with a viable radio station and KWK got a facility big enough to house its proposed television station.
During a news event at which both stations were broadcasting, a KMOX employee (Graham Tevis) cut one of Convey's cables, knocking KWK off the air.
The Federal Radio Commission assigned KWK to 1350 kHz in 1928, which was a frequency to be shared with WIL.
Supply and assembly of new five pump sets with equipment (minimum 2017 year), complete and assembled to the designed main drainage pumping station at 416 m of KWK "God Dary" Branch.
Zadanie nr 2 Dzierzawa zespolu pompowego dla KWK Ruda Ruch Bielszowice.
To a high voltage to the Department of Mines Restructuring Company SA KWK "Jas-Mos" powered by a high voltage in the period from the acquisition date marked part of KWK "Borynia- Zofiwka-Hawks" Movement "Jas-Mos" to 31.
Przedmiotem zamwienia jest dostawa sprezonego powietrza dla potrzeb KWK Bielszowice rejon Bielszowice.
Przedmiotem zamwienia jest leasing finansowy z dostawa i zabudowa zwalowarki obrotowo-szynowej do zwalowania wegla oraz demontaz wyeksploatowanej zwalowarki z pocieciem jej na zlom wsadowy, modernizacja istniejacego torowiska i przenosnika tasmowego, wykonanie zasilania nowej zwalowarki dla Oddzialu KWK Bielszowice z podzialem na dwa zadania: