KWPKey Word Protocol
KWPKambohwell Publisher Enterprises
KWPKaliakra Wind Power (Bulgaria)
KWPKansas Water Plan (Kansas Water Authority)
KWPKonstruct West Partners (various locations)
KWPKorean Workers (Communist) Party (North Korea)
KWPKorea Western Power Company, Ltd.
KWPKentucky Warbler Population
KWPKharan Water Project
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Functions of a ruling Leninist party are numerous, but for the purposes of the present study we concentrate exclusively on the role the KWP plays in the OL.
After that, the normal practice is that he or she becomes first a candidate member and then, usually within six to twelve months, a full KWP member (exceptions are possible but rare).
The KWP was capitalized at EU10 million with MHI owning 70% and INOS-1 the remaining 30%.
The KWP was awarded "Investor of the Year" in the energy sector in December 2008, which is given by the Bulgarian government to outstanding foreign investment projects.
The KWP wind farm has been reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 70,000 - 80,000 tons annually compared with conventional thermal power generation.
KWP will bring its ZSK25WLE (World Lab Extruder), while Berstorff (U.
Pfeiffer came to KWP from the Krupp group's executive management and continues to hold an executive position with the company.
KWP was established in Sofia in late 2005 with MHI owning 70% and inos the remaining 30% (capitalization: Euro 10 million).
In Tokyo we are in the third phase of establishing a KWP facility.
KWP I has generated nearly 563 kWh of clean electricity since it went online on June 22, 2006 - enough to power more than 11,000 homes each year.
KWP Financial has previously purchased three loan portfolios of 100 separate assets in Texas and California.
Since its inception in late 1994, KWP Financial has purchased three substantial loan portfolios comprising 100 separate assets in Texas and California with an aggregate $42 million in loan value.