KZBKunde Zu Blöd (German: Customer Too Stupid)
KZBKopnena Zona Bezbednosti (Serbian: Ground Security Zone)
KZBKnizhnik-Zamolodchikov-Bernard (equation)
KZBKirk Botula (musician)
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Total quantity or scope: The contract is for the supply of steel products and metal abrasion with unloading on the designated spot - ZPP Slusarnia, KZB Jaroslaw, ul 3 Maja 80d, 37-500 Jaroslaw by statement (Annex 2 to the Terms of Reference - for lots 1 and 2 along with the statement).
Sales of electricity to objects managed by KZB (listed in Annex 5 hereto) will be held under the terms of the Act of 10.
Appendix 5 contains a description of the contract - a list of community facilities administered by KZB, including their: location, groups of tariff and connection, meter number and the expected electricity consumption, which may vary during the execution of the contract.