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KAAKids Across America
KAAKenya Airport Authority
KAAKick Ass Anime (fansubbing group)
KAAKurier Aid Austria
KAAKhor Abd Allah (Waterway in Southern Iraq)
KAAKorean American Alliance
KAAKayne Anderson Associates
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Oh, fat, brown, root-digging fool that I am," said Baloo, uncoiling himself with a jerk, "it is true what Hathi the Wild Elephant says: `To each his own fear'; and they, the Bandar-log, fear Kaa the Rock Snake.
Bagheera, who did not know much about Kaa, was naturally suspicious.
Here Baloo rubbed his faded brown shoulder against the Panther, and they went off to look for Kaa the Rock Python.
Like all snakes of his breed Kaa was rather deaf, and did not hear the call at first.
I am a fair length--a fair length," said Kaa with a little pride.
Now a snake, especially a wary old python like Kaa, very seldom shows that he is angry, but Baloo and Bagheera could see the big swallowing muscles on either side of Kaa's throat ripple and bulge.
Beyond doubt then it is no small thing that takes two such hunters--leaders in their own jungle I am certain--on the trail of the Bandar-log," Kaa replied courteously, as he swelled with curiosity.
The best and wisest and boldest of man-cubs--my own pupil, who shall make the name of Baloo famous through all the jungles; and besides, I--we--love him, Kaa.
Our man-cub is in the hands of the Bandar-log now, and we know that of all the Jungle-People they fear Kaa alone.
Feet or no feet, I can keep abreast of all thy four," said Kaa shortly.
Let us go on," and Kaa seemed to pour himself along the ground, finding the shortest road with his steady eyes, and keeping to it.
That same cloud was being watched by two good friends in the ruined ditch below the city wall, for Bagheera and Kaa, knowing well how dangerous the Monkey-People were in large numbers, did not wish to run any risks.