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The 30th Central Scientific Research Institute's other projects include plans to create a new strike chopper, combining the capabilities of the Kamov Ka-52 and the Mil Mi-28.
These Kamov Ka-52K helicopters will deployed for Mistral-class amphibious assault ships.
This is complemented by an advanced sensor suite, combat management system and an integral Airborne Early Warning Helicopter, the Kamov 31.
The sources said that 4 Russian Kamov Ka-50 attack helicopters also known as Black Shark have been operating from the Deir Ezzur airbase.
In another context, TASS also quoted on Monday chief designer of the Kamov Design Bureau Sergei Mikheyev saying that pilots of the reconnaissance and combat Ka-52 Alligator will work on preparing the crew that will operate the helicopters in Egypt.
Additionally, as a part of an Indo-Russian joint venture, 140 Kamov helicopters will be manufactured in India.
Mikheev said Russia was already considering the capabilities of the Indian industry within the framework of the "Make in India" programme and noted that under it a well- known project was the joint venture for Kamov 226T helicopters.
Jaitley scrapped it for Make in India and now Russian Kamov has been chosen to make these machines in India with an Indian partner MULTIROLE TRANSPORT AIRCRAFT DEAL: India scrapped the deal with Russia eight months back after the deal was hanging fire over the issues of development and price for almost 10 years ARMY SR- SAM PROJECT: Army was planning to buy the Short Range Surface to Air Missile systems through multivendor competition between firms from Israel, Russia and Sweden.
Also on Thursday, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said the military has "tested 162 types of modern armaments during military campaign in Syria," including Sukhoi warplanes and MiG and Kamov helicopters.
Reports in the media indicate Russia will be selling Egypt 12 Sukhoi Superjet 100, 46 Mig-29 Multi-role fighters and 46 Kamov Ka-52 attack helicopters.
In fact, the new Russian posture has introduced new combat aircraft to the theatre: coincident with the departure of a portion of the fighters, evidence emerged of the first examples of Kamov Ka-52 and Mil Mi-28 attack helicopters in Syria.
Z-10 is the new Chinese attack helicopter, built by the Changhe Aircraft Industries Corporation, with design input from Russia's Kamov Design Bureau.