KASKKiwi Association of Sea Kayakers (New Zealand)
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Corey Holman and Bobbie Joyeux are economists and Christopher Kask is a supervisory economist in the Office of Productivity and Technology, Bureau of Labor Statistics.
Pride And Joy's neck victory over fellow 5-4 joint-favourite Tones certainly kept his owner Jane Kask happy, judged by the ear-to-ear smile prompted by her first ever winner.
OWNER Jane Kask was beside herself after Pride And Joy gave her a first winner on a glorious afternoon at the Sussex track.
In their 2002 Review article, Kask and Sieber, of the BLS Office of Productivity and Technology (OPT), examined the 10 most high-tech manufacturing (sic) industries from the 1999 list and found that only the 3 information technology industries--computer and office equipment, communications equipment, and electronic components manufacturing--exhibited particularly strong growth in output per hour over the 1987-99 period.
1) Identified by dendrologist Regino Kask (Estonian University of Life Sciences).
it is typical of Rouge and Hargla parish (Toomse 1998 : 93; Kask 1984 : map 3; Iva 2007 : 52).
54) Nagu Kask ja Leppikki osales ka Paulus jaanuaridessantides, juhtides omanimelist dessantpataljoni.
Thursday night, at the homecoming event of the Leary Foundation funded film Burn, KASK presented the Detroit Fire Department with 24 search and rescue helmets.
These properties are common for the North Estonian sandy areas (Lutt 1985; Lutt & Tammik 1992; Kask et al.
Maury Kask, the senior vice president and chief customer experience officer at Westminster Savings, said: Available through Westminster Savings mobile banking app, Deposit Anywhere will provide a highly convenient and secure way for our small business members and individuals to deposit checks without going to an ATM or branch.
unter der Leitung von Johann Fischer, die sich fur die Volkssprache einsetzten--ist ein fester Bestandteil der meisten Behandlungen uber die Geschichte der Bibelubersetzung oder der estnischen Sprache (Reiman 1889 : 37-39; Westling 1893 : 451-452; Kask 1970 : 65; Paul 1999 : 364-375 u.