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KATEKde Advanced Text Editor
KATEKansai Airport Transportation Enterprise (Japan)
KATEKids about the Environment (various locations)
KATEKorea Association of Teachers of English
KATEKnowledge-Based Automatic Test Equipment (US NASA)
KATEX/Ka-Band Telemetry and Telecommand Experiment
KATEKnowledge-based Autonomous Test Engineer
KATEKDE (K Desktop Environment) Advanced Text Editor (software)
KATEKinetically-Advanced Timing Equipment
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said Kate, availing herself of a pause in the discourse, and glancing round the room.
I scarcely know; I had expected to have seen him before now,' replied Kate.
It is only his manner, I believe,' observed Kate, timidly; 'he was disappointed in early life, I think I have heard, or has had his temper soured by some calamity.
I don't know what it would be to him,' said Kate, with energy, 'but it would be that to me I would rather die than take.
Miss Kate sketched and Frank talked to Beth, who was making little mats of braided rushes to serve as plates.
I brought Authors, and I dare say Miss Kate knows something new and nice.
I thought she'd suit Brooke, but he keeps talking to Meg, and Kate just stares at them through that ridiculous glass of hers'.
Miss Kate did know several new games, and as the girls would not, and the boys could not, eat any more, they all adjourned to the drawing room to play Rig-marole.
Three times during the early fall and winter of that year Curtis Hartman crept out of his house to the room in the bell tower to sit in the darkness looking at the figure of Kate Swift lying in her bed and later went to walk and pray in the streets.
In the room in the house next door Kate Swift had not yet appeared.
On the January night, after he had come near dying with cold and after his mind had two or three times actually slipped away into an odd land of fan- tasy so that he had by an exercise of will power to force himself back into consciousness, Kate Swift appeared.
God has appeared to me in the person of Kate Swift, the school teacher, kneeling naked on a bed.