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And in every park, KEEP OFF THE GRASS By Order yes, him again.
Please keep off the grass," by Peter Ustinov was also considered highly while Humphrey Bogart's "I should never have switched from Scotch to Martinis" came ninth.
His 2008 debut novel, Keep off the Grass ( HarperCollins India), on a 25- year- old Yale alumnus who chucks his half- a- million- dollar job as an investment banker on the Wall Street to become a convict and drug addict, was the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award semi- finalist.
Don't use a nitrogen-rich fertiliser in autumn or winter, spike the turf regularly and keep off the grass in frosty weather.
This means I must keep off the grass - a golden rule for us all.
Balanchine continued to work on Broadway with Babes in Arms (1937), I Married an Angel (1938), Great Lady (1938--for contractual reasons credited to William Dollar), Keep Off the Grass (1940), Louisiana Purchase (1940), Cabin in the Sky (1940--a rather unlikely collaboration with Katherine Dunham), The Lady Comes Across (1942), What's Up (1943), Dream With Music (1944), Song of Norway (1944), Mr.
Keep off the grass Avoid your lawn if it is wet or frozen, otherwise it will become compacted and the grass may be damaged.
The only time to keep off the grass is when it is really wet.
They went to a lot of expense and time to actually put new grass down and they put up keep off the grass signs.
The haul included everything from 100-year-old Keep Off The Grass signs to a flotilla of sunken toy boats, hundreds of coins, including an 1861 penny, halfpennies, farthings, sixpences and a batch of currency from Barbados, more than 200 Victorian bottles, and a wide range of toys covering model cars, guns, aircraft, a mouth organ and 19th Century porcelain marbles.
Ipswich's Richard Wright is also a serial offender, having been hurt falling out of a loft and then, on another occasion, tripping over a Keep Off The Grass sign.
Easy Keep off the grass after a heavy frost or snowfall otherwise grass that is trodden on will bruise and blacken.