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KENKenmore (New York)
KenKentish (linguistics)
KENKnowledge Exchange Network (National Mental Health Services)
KENKompetenz-Center für Emissionfrei Nutzfahrzeuge (German, Daimler research center)
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Police Scotland's air support unit have carried out searches in the Aberfeldy and Kenmore areas.
To use Alfie, consumers download the Kenmore Alfie app; follow the prompts to set up Alfie with their Wi-Fi networks; press the "talk" button, voice a request to Alfie, and press the "talk" button again; review recommended options sent via text message through the free Alfie app; and approve the product order via Alfie or the smartphone app.
When asked how receiving this award made him feel and what Homes for Heroes has meant to him over the years, Kenmore said, "Wow.
JANUARY 11-12: KLINGHARDT ACADEMY presents AUTONOMIC RESPONSE TESTING (Level 2) in Kenmore, Washington.
The gathering at Kenmore Church marks the end of the restoration work on the grave of Duleep Singh's infant son, who died in August 1865 less than a day old.
Delivering the National Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development (Nabard) 30th anniversary lecture on EoACAyFuture of Global Agriculture: Challenges and Opportunities for India' here on Monday, Kenmore said, "There is little room for expansion of arable land in most developing countries, including India.
com/label), Kenmore and Craftsman have by far the highest brand recognition--almost four times the average--of any private label or house brand in the U.
The original landowners gave the cottages to people who brought a skill to Kenmore and there is still a plaque on the wall of one of the properties dedicated to the 'village nurse'.
Kenmore Diner, a breakfast and late-night eatery on Franklin Street that was rebuilt after being destroyed in the demolition after the 1999 Worcester Cold Storage and Warehouse building fire, got a $26,000 no-interest loan from the city in 2000 that helped restart the business along with $148,000 in private mortgages.
Kenmore has unveiled a set of washers and dryers that can speak to technicians, at least over the phone.
UK property investment firm Kenmore European Industrial Fund (LON:KEIF) said Wednesday that bigger rival Hansteen Holdings (LON:HSTN) has exited the company's equity capital by selling its entire stake comprising 16.
Alaska Airlines, a subsidiary of Alaska Air Group (NYSE:ALK), reported today that it has entered a new frequent flyer and ticketing partnership with Kenmore Air.