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Overexpression of PPAR[gamma] in KGN cells reduced FSH-stimulated aromatase and IGF-1 mRNAs, with increasing concentrations of the transfected expression vector, mimicking BPA action.
The KGN ovarian granulosa-like tumor cell line, which expresses a functional FSH receptor, was established from a patient with an invasive ovarian granulosa cell carcinoma, as described previously (Nishi et al.
KGN cells express a functional FSH receptor (Nishi et al.
In an effort to determine what transcription factors may be affected by BPA inhibition of FSH-induced aromatase, we investigated the expression of select aromatase regulators: GATA4, SF-1, CREB (positive regulators of aromatase), and PPAR[gamma] (a negative regulator of aromatase), using KGN cells and the same experimental design described above.
The response of human luteinized granulosa cells to BPA, in terms of PPAR[gamma] expression, was greater than that of KGN cells at low concentrations (40 mM).
To test the hypothesis that SF-1 is required for atrazine-induced aromatase expression, we examined SF-1 levels in atrazine-responsive H295R adrenocortical carcinoma cells and nonresponsive KGN granulosa cells.
Experiment 4: Atrazine induction of aromatase expression and activity in KGN ovarian cells.
Endogenous human SF-1 mRNA copies in H295R and KGN cells were also determined by the same method.
Although the nonresponsive KGN granulosa cells expressed SF-1 mRNA, real-time PCR revealed that copy numbers of SF-1 mRNA were 54 times lower in these atrazine nonresponsive cells compared with the atrazine-responsive H295R adrenocortical carcinoma cells (ANOVA, p < 0.
Adeno-SF-1-infected KGN ovarian granulosa cells had an elevated basal level of aromatase expression (ANOVA, p < 0.
Tenders are invited for Desilting of Drains and Removing of Debris at Gandhinagara KGN School and Surrounding area in ward no 23
The following are just a few of the young men from Wales who gave their lives in Korea: Pte Harold Jones, Pte Kenneth J Paris, L/Cpl Llewellyn Williams, Gnr Allen W Russell, Capt George HF Beith, Pte John B Hawkins, Kgn Gwynne P Goodfield, A/Cm Ernest R Ripley (RN), Cpl Joseph O Lewis, Cpl Robert Hands, Pte James J Burke, Kgns William J Davies, Cpl Albert J Powell.