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KHEERKansas Higher Education Enrollment Report (Kansas Board of Regents; Topeka, KS)
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Many of you might have experienced kheer - Punjabi rice pudding.
Stir all the ingredients together and transfer this kheer to a large serving dish.
We distribute kheer (a sweet dish of milk and rice) to our neighbours, but my mother never asked me to go there," said Mohammad Kabir.
This includes live cooking, South Asian dishes/sub-continental/Pakistani in various forms of grilled and meat, vegetables, curries, pulses, sweets of wide variety with delights like kulfi, shahi kheer and many more.
The edict was a verbal pronouncement, Kheer explained, not an official law.
Like the cardomom scented kheer (rice pudding) which came with poached pears, strawberry coulis and fresh fruit compote.
Student Nasab Abu Kheer said: I can see more clearly how much effort it takes from the time that a drawing is produced on paper to construction reaching such an advanced stage as this.
The dessert section has a range of traditional dishes such as rice kheer, shahi tukadas and malai sandwiches.
Members can enjoy specialties such as Bollywood chicken curry, Aloo tikki, tarka dall, tandoori breads and house kheer, which are all included in the three-course menu.
The Indians themselves tend to like very sweet dishes, and if you travel to the north of the country you will find desserts such as gulabjamon - dumplings soaked in rose-flavoured syrup - or kheer - creamy rice pudding flavoured with cardamoms and full of nuts.
In Asia, rice pudding is known as Kheer and comes in hundreds of different flavourings.