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KHIAKansas Health Insurance Association (Great Bend, KS)
KHIAKing Hussein International Airport (Jordan)
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They plan to collect as much as possible before Wes personally delivers the goods, with Khia travelling alongside him, in his own 4x4 and trailer - with all fuel paid for by Potto ice cream firm Udderly Delicious.
Hayley Daniels, Khia Rogers, Tanni Rogers said: "We wanted to support Barbra Lasham who is currently fighting cancer.
Other than Kramer, it is a young team, led by sophomores Jasmine Sneed, Kelly Schneider and Tori Wells, and freshmen Toni Oni and Khia Jones.
The evaluation of hepatoprotective effects of Taiwan folk medicine 'teng khia u' J.
Bridesmaids were Tegan and Briannah, the couple's daughters, Becky, the bride's twin, Lindsay and Sarah, the bride's sisters, and Khia, Shania and Kaiha, the bride's nieces.
Khia, a Siberian husky, put her horrified owners through hours of hell when she chased a rabbit through some dense undergrowth - and straight over the edge of the sheer rock face above the beachat Amroth, near Tenby.
The singing of chau van is a way of expressing thanks and reverence to the spirits; see To Dong Hai and Pham Van Ty, 'Nhung khia canh van hoa nghe thuat cua hat van va hau bong' [Cultural and artistic aspects of van songs and hau bong], in Hat van [Van songs], ed.
Fakhoury stated that AAC is entirely owned by ADC and was established to take on the responsibility of managing and operating KHIA on a commercial basis and according to best international standards in this domain.
Kelis's funky new track Millionaire, featuring Andre 3000, goes straight in at number three while Khia holds on to the fourth spot with My Neck My Back.
Duran Duran is in at five with (Reach Up For The) Sunrise, while Khia is in at four with My Neck My Back.
The top 10 from Liverpool HMV this week is: 1 Riot Radio Dead 60s 2 Do You Know Angel City3 Personal Jesus Marilyn Manson 4 Flashdance Deep Dish 5 Cuts Across The Land Duke Spirit 6 My Neck My Back Khia 7 What You're Made Of Lucie Silvas 8 Radio Robbie Williams 9 Oops Upside Your Head DJ Casper 10 (Reach Up For The) Sunshine Duran Duran n Win a chart album of your choice by telling me the name of Duran Duran's lead singer Answers by next Friday please to: Debbie Johnson, HMV Comp, Liverpool Echo, PO Box 48, Old Hall Street, Liverpool L69 3EB