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KhotKhotanese (Saka; linguistics)
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Mr Khot joined the group in 2007, was the chief operating officer since September 2013.
Khot is a Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA), the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce, (Financial Accounting) from the University of Mumbai, India.
A Security Guard of factory opened fire in Beghum Khot area of Ferozwala on Wednesday, leaving two persons dead, while another injured.
Khot UN, Khot MB, Bajzer CT, Sapp SK, Brener SJ, Ohman EM, et al.
Consultations are also available with Prof Dean Harris and Mr Umesh Khot.
SAKHAKOT -- Member of district council Malakand Haji Fazl-i-Raqbi has said that construction of the road in the area of Khanori and Khot could cause bloodshed among the fractions.
8 [=IOL Khot 153/4rl hauttio; read 'he can' by Bailey DKS: 498a] * /hotto < hod- + -tto/
Adventurous diners can expect to feast on everything from chicken wings Lebanese style to Palestinian meatballs, plantain fritters with spicy West African hot sauce, Zanzibari sweet potato and French beans with roasted fresh coconut, South African Bobotie minced lamb pie, Vietnamese Banh Khot (mini pancakes wrapped in greens with a spicy relish) and Mumbai street food like aubergine bhajia, ragdo pattice patties and patrani maachi (steamed fish wrapped in banana leaf ).
Khot (2002) suggested the unique games conjecture (UGC) as a possible direction for proving inapproximability properties of some important optimisation problems.
Unlike the Khot valley where the amount of Chakhtogh is properly measured and the owner also have a specified duties (cf.
Khot, Chairman, Board of Studies, Mechanical Engineering, University of Mumbai and Dr.