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By Saturday afternoon, it is forecast to be traveling 130 kilometers west-southwest of Legazpi City, Albay and by Sunday afternoon, it is likely to be at 105 kilometers west of San Jose, Occidental Mindoro.
63 kilometers of FMRs in Region 2 in the amount of P137 million.
The second contract is for completion of work on Al Harja- Kaif Road for a length of 6 kilometers; the part relating to Al A'aqool Farm for 4 kilometers; Al Ghasen village road 5 kilometers; the part relating to Sad Al Ghaya 8 kilometers; Al Fuqali-Al Mandasa Road for 40 kilometers and Quraiqa Al Atifyah Road 4.
72 kilometer of fencing would be completed by 2010 at a cost of Rs 884 crore, the statement stated.
When coupled with other leading-edge Bell Labs technologies - such as extended L-band amplifiers, Raman amplifiers, forward error correction and optimal dispersion compensation - DPSK allowed the research team to achieve error-free transmission over 4,000 kilometers (2500 miles) for all 64 channels, each of which had a signal of 40 gigabits per second.
Then, the larger piece drifted eastward for thousands of kilometers before it finally broke up and melted in the South Atlantic Ocean in February 2000.
It had a depth of 82 kilometers and was tectonic in origin.
That's because the craft's elliptical orbit carries it too far away from Venus' polar regions to accurately record the gravitational pull of polar features, even those as large as Maxwell Montes, at 11 kilometers the planet's tallest mountain.
Under this project about 120 kilometers of road will be reformed and upgraded.