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KNSaint Kitts and Nevis (ISO country code, top level domain)
KnKuna (Croatian currency)
KNKnowledge Networks
KNKirkens Nødhjelp (Norwegian Church Aid)
KnNørreport (Danish railway station)
KNKnight Nui (website and forum)
KNPeoples Republic of North Korea
KNKonigun Ninjutsu (martial arts)
KNKall Net
KNKlamath Northern Railroad Company
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The plan calls for the application of 10 million equivalent single-axle loads (ESAL) of 80 kilonewtons (kN) to the track sections over a two-year period during the study.
TRW's EPS Belt Drive system can provide premium performance across a wide range of vehicle platforms with rack assist forces of 11 kilonewtons (kN).
5 kilonewtons (kN) for larger passenger cars, light trucks and mid-size SUVs - to the heavy duty version with a 25 kN clamp load.