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Annual Generation Figures in Billion Kilowatt-hours for the
Although timing the infeed conveyor to work best with the baler might not change how much total electricity is used, it does increases production totals, he says, which reduces the kilowatt-hour per ton value, thus making more efficient use of the electricity.
One major buy came from Whole Foods, whose New Mexico and Colorado stores are purchasing 20 million kilowatt-hours of wind power annually, thus dodging 28,891,246 pounds of CO2 pollution a year.
This compares poorly with the 3-cent per kilowatt-hour that nuclear power now costs for construction, operations, maintenance and decommissioning.
7 billion kilowatt-hours generated by PPL plants in 2004 was enough electricity to meet the needs of more than 5 million households in the United States, said Shriver.
Under the new rules, a typical 22-cubic-foot refrigerator-freezer with automatic defrosting will use about 535 kilowatt-hours a year, down 30 percent from 767 kilowatt-hours for an average model now.
Shepherd's Flat is expected to generate 2 billion kilowatt-hours per year of renewable energy, which is more than one-tenth of SCE's overall renewable portfolio.
16 billion kilowatt-hours, marking the fifth straight month of decline, an industry group said Friday.
Debuting on the list in the fifth position, Kohl's is being recognized for its voluntary purchase of more than 80 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power, representing eight percent of the retailer's annual electricity usage.
46 billion kilowatt-hours, falling for the fourth straight month, the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan said Friday in its preliminary report.
The efficiency at a coal-fired plant is measured by how well the power plant converts the energy in coal, measured in British thermal units, into kilowatt-hours of electricity.