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KIMKeep In Mind
KIMKnowledge and Information Management
KIMKeep It Moving (song title)
KIMKinder Im Mittelpunkt (German kids center)
KIMKeyboard Input Monitor
KIMKrystol Internal Membrane (waterproofing admixture for concrete)
KIMKnowledge-based Information Management
KIMKiel Institute of Mineralogy
KIMKinetic Impact Munition
KIMKoperattiva Ta' Min Irabbi l-Majjal (Maltese pig breeders cooperative)
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But she filled it, none the less, with good, steaming vegetable curry, clapped a fried cake atop, and a morsel of clarified butter on the cake, dabbed a lump of sour tamarind conserve at the side; and Kim looked at the load lovingly.
But Kim had danced off ere the end of the sentence, dodging pariah dogs and hungry acquaintances.
Pardesi [a foreigner],' Kim explained, as the old man delivered in an unknown tongue what was evidently a blessing.
Perhaps they will make me a king,' said Kim, serenely prepared for anything.
We shall get good lodging at the Kashmir Serai,' said Kim, laughing at his perplexity.
Sometimes he would tell Kim to watch a man who had nothing whatever to do with horses: to follow him for one whole day and report every soul with whom he talked.
He is here,' said Kim, hitting a bad-tempered camel on the nose.
said Kim, pushing him lightly, and the lama strode away, leaving Kim at the edge of the cloister.
Maharaj,' whined Kim, using the Hindu form of address, and thoroughly enjoying the situation; 'my father is dead - my mother is dead - my stomach is empty.
And all for the sake of a white stallion,' said Kim, with a giggle, his eyes aflame.
But Kim did not suspect that Mahbub Ali, known as one of the best horse-dealers in the Punjab, a wealthy and enterprising trader, whose caravans penetrated far and far into the Back of Beyond, was registered in one of the locked books of the Indian Survey Department as C25 IB.
When, in Mahbub's own picturesque language, he had muddied the wells of inquiry with the stick of precaution, Kim had dropped on him, sent from Heaven; and, being as prompt as he was unscrupulous, Mahbub Ali used to taking all sorts of gusty chances, pressed him into service on the spot.