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KIMKrystol Internal Membrane (waterproofing admixture for concrete)
KIMKnowledge-based Information Management
KIMKinetic Impact Munition
KIMKiel Institute of Mineralogy
KIMKoperattiva Ta' Min Irabbi l-Majjal (Maltese pig breeders cooperative)
KIMKnowledge and Information Management
KIMKeep In Mind
KIMKeep It Moving (song title)
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The Kimberly Gold Mine consisting of 24 unpatented mining claims located approximately 20 miles east of Riggins, Idaho;
The report will be used as a foundation for Kimberly Gold Mines to apply for listing on the TSX: V exchange in Canada.
The bond permits Kimberly to initiate exploration, development and production operations at the Rescue Gold Mine.
Muscat: Erica Vaz and Kimberly Pinto bagged top honours in the girls' section at the Falcon Insurance Company-sponsored Annual Tennis Tournament organised by the Indian Social Club Muscat.
Contrast that with her last day of filming, when she had to give a fake orgasm on camera to Jane Krakowski, who plays an ambitious (and closeted) TV journalist making her career covering a sex scandal involving Kimberly, her two closest friends, and a nebbishy English teacher played by Ron Livingston.
Kimberly pursues her cruel intentions with robotic precision but also delights in her own wicked cleverness, a tough juggling act that Wood has no evident trouble keeping up in the air.
Kimberly and Martin, both 32, credit their adjustment - from a three-person household to seven mouths to feed - to their strong faith and lots of help from fellow church parishioners.
Because she couldn't visit them more than once a day in the hospital, Kimberly said she's craved a chance to bond with her babies.
Kimberly Jacobsson, 31, gave birth to the quadruplets Thursday at Kaiser Permanente Medical Center in Woodland Hills.
When she looks back, Kimberly says what she'll miss the most are the many friends she made at Valley, where age was never a factor - especially once people got to know her.
I cried,'' said Kimberly, remembering when her black Labrador, Geisha, was turned over to be trained as a Guide Dog for the Blind last month.
Looking down at Geisha, a black Labrador Kimberly adopted just after Halloween, the youngster was reminded of what she, too, must face when her dog is old enough to begin doing the job she's being raised for.