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References in classic literature ?
He had but lately made his descent downstairs, after a long fit of the gout, in which distemper he was generally confined to his room during one half of the year; and during the rest, he walked about the house, smoaked his pipe, and drank his bottle with his friends, without concerning himself in the least with any kind of business.
I did wish Tom Sawyer was there; I knowed he would take an interest in this kind of business, and throw in the fancy touches.
He asked, "What methods were used to cultivate the minds and bodies of our young nobility, and in what kind of business they commonly spent the first and teachable parts of their lives?
You probably are not aware that I am here on a public kind of business, preposterous enough in itself, but which I have gone in for, and sworn by, and am supposed to be devoted to in quite a desperate manner?
I don't know what kind of business it was: it was some kind of business in Utica.
A writer of story books What kind of business in life -- what mode of glorifying God, or being serviceable to mankind in his day and generation -- may that be?
Before the sale is completed it is vital to check whether the buyer is going to continue the same kind of business and run it himself after the transfer.
Every kind of business, from automotive to telecommunications, can achieve success and prosper here.
A sole proprietorship is the easiest kind of business to form and manage.
Those who are interested are asked first to have an idea of what kind of business they would like to open, Lentz said.
Golf is just a great game for conducting any kind of business because you have so much time," says Boozer, the possessor of a 15 handicap.