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KKOkay (online chat)
KKKota Kinabalu (state capital of Sabah in east-Malaysian Borneo)
KKKiss Kiss
KKKonkurs (Swedish: bankruptcy)
KKKuukausi (Finnish: month)
KKKrispy Kreme (doughnuts)
KKKit Kat (chocolate candy bar)
KKKatrina Kaif (Indian actress)
KKKasey Kahne (NASCAR driver)
KKKabushiki Kaisha (Publicly Traded Company, Japan)
KKKinnickinnic (river in Wisconsin)
KKKleinkaliber (German sub-caliber weapon)
KKKinokuniya (Japanese bookstore)
KKKošarkaški Klub (Croatian: Basketball Club)
KKTwo Kings (card games)
KKKuala Kangsar (Malaysia)
KKKool Kat
KKKyle Korver (NBA Player)
KKKader Khan (Indian actor)
KKKingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ)
KKKeittokomero (Finnish: kitchenette)
KKKvinner Og Klær (Norwegian women's magazine)
KKKrusty Krab (Sponge Bob Square Pants)
KKKosten Koper (Dutch: buyer of a house pays all extra costs)
KKKanya Kumari (India)
KKKonekivääri (Finnsh: machine gun)
KKoK Kool
KKKhwendo Kor (Pakistani organization; est. 1993)
KKKokonaan Kielletty (Finnish: totally banned)
KKKriss Kringle (anonymous Christmas gift sharing)
KKKenyon & Knott (English phonetic system, Taiwan)
KKKonnectivity Koordination
KKKedge Keep (Everquest gaming)
KKKaiserlich und Königlich (Imperial and Royal; prefix for Austrian government authorities 1830-1918)
KKKenan & Kel (TV Show)
KKKey Encrypting Key (FIPS)
KKKing Krab
KKKostenKoper (German: buyer of a house pays all extra costs)
KKKalaignar Karunanidhi Nagar (DMK party chief)
KKKoala Kong (gaming)
KKKid Kamikaze (wrestler)
KKKoopaKing (gaming team)
KKThe Killing Kompany (murder mystery dinner theatre shows)
KK[not an acronym] Okay (chat)
KKKonbit Kreyol (Haitian student organization)
KKKreative Korporation
KKKyoji Kondo (Japanese geneticist who developed diabetic mouse strain)
KKKall Kard
KKKyles Killers (online gaming clan)
KKKingdom Komputers (Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, USA)
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Kinokuniya will try to boost the number of e-books that can be downloaded from its online store to 30,000 within a year, they said.
Kinokuniya is privately held and a JR East spokesperson refused to comment on the financial details of the deal, expected to be completed before April.
The graphic novels can be purchased directly from Chuang Yi Publishing, as well as from major book outlets such as Times, Kinokuniya and Big Bookshop.
Japanese chain Kinokuniya operates in 8 countries outside Japan, but specialises in Japanese language books
Our plans to join the hoards of expatriates fleeing the ailing emirate were abandoned, because with Kinokuniya in town, everything is going to be alright.
Real Estate recently brokered a 15-year, 24,000 s/f lease at 1071 Avenue of the Americas for Kinokuniya Publications Service of New York Co.
Mitra Adiperkasa operates department store, sports, fashion & lifestyle, selling clothes, toys, and children's equipment, food and beverages and books with its bookstore named Kinokuniya Bookstore, beauty products and other body care products.
Kinokuniya's Seattle store, for example, carries the complete Vertical line of books, but "sales have so far been lackluster," Martin Hall, a book purchaser for Kinokuniya, replies in an email.
The two-level Japanese garden at the New Otani Hotel and Gardens is well worth a visit, as is the impressive Kinokuniya bookstore nearby.
yelled a member of staff from the Kinokuniya bookstore, who was dressed as a wizard, as he directed customers away from the nearby Borders store.
book retailer Borders, which opened a mammoth store in Singapore in 1997, has taken a toll on many book retailers here, forcing some like Japanese book retailer Kinokuniya Co.
and major retailer Kinokuniya, which announced Wednesday that it is working with Microsoft Corp.