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KKKing Kong
KKOkay (online chat)
KKKota Kinabalu (state capital of Sabah in east-Malaysian Borneo)
KKKiss Kiss
KKKonkurs (Swedish: bankruptcy)
KKKuukausi (Finnish: month)
KKKrispy Kreme (doughnuts)
KKKit Kat (chocolate candy bar)
KKKokusai Kogyo (Japan)
KKKatrina Kaif (Indian actress)
KKKasey Kahne (NASCAR driver)
KKKabushiki Kaisha (Publicly Traded Company, Japan)
KKKinnickinnic (river in Wisconsin)
KKKleinkaliber (German sub-caliber weapon)
KKKinokuniya (Japanese bookstore)
KKKošarkaški Klub (Croatian: Basketball Club)
KKTwo Kings (card games)
KKKuala Kangsar (Malaysia)
KKKool Kat
KKKyle Korver (NBA Player)
KKKader Khan (Indian actor)
KKKingda Ka (Six Flags Great Adventure, Jackson, NJ)
KKKeittokomero (Finnish: kitchenette)
KKKvinner Og Klær (Norwegian women's magazine)
KKKrusty Krab (Sponge Bob Square Pants)
KKKosten Koper (Dutch: buyer of a house pays all extra costs)
KKKanya Kumari (India)
KKKonekivääri (Finnsh: machine gun)
KKoK Kool
KKKhwendo Kor (Pakistani organization; est. 1993)
KKKokonaan Kielletty (Finnish: totally banned)
KKKriss Kringle (anonymous Christmas gift sharing)
KKKenyon & Knott (English phonetic system, Taiwan)
KKKonnectivity Koordination
KKKedge Keep (Everquest gaming)
KKKaiserlich und Königlich (Imperial and Royal; prefix for Austrian government authorities 1830-1918)
KKKenan & Kel (TV Show)
KKKey Encrypting Key (FIPS)
KKKing Krab
KKKostenKoper (German: buyer of a house pays all extra costs)
KKKalaignar Karunanidhi Nagar (DMK party chief)
KKKoala Kong (gaming)
KKKoopaKing (gaming team)
KKKid Kamikaze (wrestler)
KKThe Killing Kompany (murder mystery dinner theatre shows)
KK[not an acronym] Okay (chat)
KKKreative Korporation
KKKonbit Kreyol (Haitian student organization)
KKKyoji Kondo (Japanese geneticist who developed diabetic mouse strain)
KKKyles Killers (online gaming clan)
KKKingdom Komputers (Philipsburg, Pennsylvania, USA)
KKKall Kard
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1,000 copies have been printed presently and will be available in Kinokuniya book store in Dubai Mall.
2) kinokuniya book stores of singapore pte ltd total price: 7,600.
Location Inside Kinokuniya Bookshop, 2 nd Floor, Dubai Mall Cost varies Timings Open daily from 10am to 11pm and until midnight on weekends Contact 04 4340111
In the Kinokuniya bookshop, a receipt for two books totalling 168 dirhams was headed "tax invoice," and had a separate line for "VAT inclusive 5 percent", totalling 8 dirhams.
to Lt General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior of the UAE, at the 2017 Abu Dhabi International Book Fair and has been selected as book of the month at Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports, as well as Magrudy's, Relay, Borders, Carrefour, Kinokuniya, Jarir Bookstores, Jashanmal and Virgin Megastores.
Written by an author using the English pen name of "Fuck Ghost" (2016), this text lambasting a diverse range of spirit cults for being in conflict with Buddhist teachings was prominently displayed among new titles at major Bangkok bookstores such as Kinokuniya and the B2S chain in June 2016.
So the Mumpreneur set to work cooking- up more than 100 easy-to-prepare recipes that every busy family needs -- from 20 minute meals and recipes using no more than 6 ingredients, to prep ahead time-savers, lunchboxes and snacks, store cupboard and entertaining -- all within her new Busy Mum's Cookbook, which you can find in stores now at Kinokuniya Dubai and Magrudy Duty Free.
Our exclusive and ever-growing 'smart savings' partnerships with over 450 partner outlets including leading brands such as Al Adil, Al Maya, Homes r Us, Kalyan Jewellers, Prime Medical Centre, Kinokuniya, BHS, VLCC and Oman Insurance, give us a unique advantage over competitor offerings.
A panel discussion moderated by its general editor, Philip Kennedy , took place at Kinokuniya Bookstore in DubaionDec.
While there, she worked on the Sogo Bank, Kinokuniya, and the Janome Headquarters as well as the Hirosaki and Saitama Community Centres.
At the Kinokuniya book chain and at Bookmoby, an online supplier, Nai nai was among the top ten bestsellers in May and June.
And at least one major bookstore in Bangkok, Kinokuniya, has pulled from its shelves political titles that could be deemed controversial.