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KIRKiribati (ISO Country code)
KIRKeep It Real
KIRKultur Im Ruhrgebiet (German: Culture in the Ruhr Valley; Germany)
KIRKiller-Cell Immunoglobulin-Like Receptor
KIRKiller Cell Inhibitory Receptor
KIRKyocera Image Refinement
KIRKeep It Running
KIRKerry County, Ireland - Kerry County (Airport Code)
KIRKrajowa Izba Rozliczeniowa SA (Polish: National Clearing House)
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Solar water protection project - Kiribati Development of the 500 kW solar and water protection project on Tarawa, Kiribati, started in December 2014, and completed in August this year.
In Fiji and Kiribati, no significant region association was detected.
Kiribati is one of the Smaller Island States, along with Marshall Islands, Cook Islands, Nauru, Niue, Palau and Tuvalu, which say they are suffering the worst impact of global warming.
The islands were first named after Thomas Gilbert, a British naval captain who navigated the archipelago in 1788, Kiribati being the local pronunciation of "Gilbert".
The RRI for Samoa, Solomon Islands and Kiribati was 34 (moderate quartile), 44 (high quartile) and 53 (very high quartile) respectively.
Major political parties: Parties are only very loosely organized--Boutokaan Te Kaua, Maneaban Te Mauri (Protect the Maneaba), Maurin Kiribati Pati.
En route to Sydney, the crew stopped at the Pacific island nations of Kiribati, New Caledonia and Western Samoa.
Kiribati expects to be the first such nation to vanish beneath the rising waves.
In September 2009, an international team of divers, photographers, Kiribati officials, and scientists, including WHOI marine biologist Larry Madin, surveyed the islands, reefs, and ocean for the first time since they were protected.
Straddling the equator, Kiribati consists of thirty-three coral atolls scattered over 3.
1st reserve : Inchnadamph 2nd reserve : Gordonsville NTE-POST bets are refunded on reserves that do not run and the following eliminations: Bollin Felix, Wicked Daze, Nosferatu, Victoria Montoya, Double Banded, Kayf Aramis, Dunaskin, Rekaab, Missoula, Royal Rationale, Falpiase, Step This Way, Dolly Penrose, Wild Rhubarb, Mighty Moon, Whenever, Dzesmin, Eton Fable, Takafu, Kiribati King.