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Kmart[not an acronym] (named for founder Sebastian Kresge; also seen as K-Mart)
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Customers can enroll in the program, called Kmart Pharmacy Savings Plus, at any Kmart pharmacy, the company said.
Whitsett joined Kmart in 1999 as director of merchandise planning and replenishment and subsequently held posts such as vice president and GMM and divisional vice president, merchandise planning.
We're looking for money that was diverted to RSI before Kmart filed for bankruptcy in January 2002--probably $2 million," said Richard Chesley of Chicago, attorney for the Kmart Creditors Trust.
We spent more time looking at what it could be than what Kmart had been,'' said Suzanne Kolb, executive vice president of marketing for The WB.
JDA invoiced Kmart for its post-petition charges, anticipating full payment of its claim as an administrative priority claim.
Kmart, which in January filed for bankruptcy protection, was unable to renew the store lease, which expires at the end of the year, spokeswoman Susan Dennis said.
To underscore that point, Fleming's point man on the Kmart deal, Bill Marquardt, suggested during the company's fourth quarter earnings conference call on Feb.
The Kmart bankruptcy hasn't fully hit home with consumers yet.
Kmart is the nation's third largest discount retail chain behind Wal-Mart and Target.
Using a $2bn line of credit from a group of banks led by JP Morgan and Fleet Securities, Kmart will carry on running the business while it restructures under Chapter 11.
1 on the BE ADVERTISING AGENCIES list with billings of $270 million), which partnered with True North Communications in 1999, was named the multicultural advertising agency of record for Kmart Corp.