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KYSOKnock Your Socks Off
KYSOKnock Yourself Out
KYSOKeep Your Shirt On
KYSOKingston Youth Sports Organization (Kingston, MA)
KYSOStandard Oil Company of Kentucky
KYSOKeep Your Self Organized
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Delivering Knock Your Socks Off Service appears in its fifth updated edition to provide real-world examples and fun cartoon embellishments by John Bush.
The action scenes in the 2005 remake of King Kong (12A) will knock your socks off and (below) leading lady Naomi Watts.
I may look for all the world like an Episcopalian now, but I can still perform a puppet version of the Parable of the Prodigal Son that would knock your socks off.
And if the high-voltage cast don't knock your socks off, then your socks are too tight.
Knock Your Socks Off Service on the Phone by Ron Zemke, print, 1999, 113pp.
Zemke and Connellan - Minneapolis-based consultants behind the successful Knock Your Socks Off Service series of books -- offer two dozen ideas for differentiating a company's Web site by emphasizing superior service.
Gursky's photographs just knock your socks off," comments the show's curator, Peter Galassi.
That mere 200% price appreciation may not knock your socks off, but during the same three years the Standard & Poor's 500 Index has risen just 33%.
While the first half is narrative-driven, the second is anchored in the Land of Sweets and its succession of dances, all of which are enjoyable but none of which knock your socks off.
While Alex Harvey has that lithe body, the girls - Charlotte Mooney and Tina Koch, joined by Meline Danielewicz for Every Action - look just like three normal girls who then knock your socks off as they display amazing strength and skills.
While none of the originals are going to knock your socks off, Jones inhabits them so well that listening to the album is like spending a lovely afternoon with a good friend and a bottle of fine wine.