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Under the terms of the memorandum, QIC will seek to partner with KoFC and other Korean co-investors for investments into Australia, thereby strengthening the business ties between the two countries.
Today, GIC is delighted to partner with KoFC to launch the era of Korean investment into the GCC and between our two regions.
In particular, Articles 4 and 31 of the KoFC Act, the company's charter,
The union of KoFC issued a statement opposing the plan.
Dong Choon Lee, Chief Investment Officer of KoFC, also emphasised the strong interest his company has in making investments in the GCC.
The ratings of KoFC mirror the long-term sovereign rating, given the solid direct support from the Korean government to which the financial institution is closed linked and the "almost certain" likelihood of state backup to KoFC in financial stress, S&P said.
Fitch believes that the capitalisation of KoFC, KDB and KEXIM is not as adequate as suggested by their headline capital adequacy ratios, given their heavy exposure to troubled shipbuilders, such as Korea's fourth-largest shipbuilder, the STX group, or to corporates in work-outs/restructuring.
However, there has been criticism over inefficiency of policy financing services as the function has been divided into two, with KDB still working as a policy lender and the KoFC not expanding into its role as expected.
Both Daesung and the KoFC denied the allegations that the firm received preferential treatment in the loan process.
The South Korean government is legally obliged to cover the financial institutions' losses should the latter's capital reserve funds fail to do so, as per their respective establishing Acts (Article 31 of KoFC Act; Article 37 of KEXIM Act; Article 44 of KDB Act; and Article 43 of IBK Act).
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-March 1, 2011--S Korean KoFC gets A-1 rating from S&P for euro commercial paper(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.