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KOZAKarpatske Ochranarske Zdruzenie Altruistov (Slovak: Carpathian Conservation Altruistic Association; Zvolenská, Slovakia)
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30, KE-cE-k also threatened the Zaman daily and Samanyolu Broadcasting Corporation, arguing that the state is going to seize these companies like it did Koza ypek Holding.
Another allegation pegged some of the Koza ypek Holding group's companies as "front" companies, though ypek responded by saying that all companies were active and legitimate.
The BugE-n and Millet dailies and the KanaltE-rk television channel are among the media outlets owned by Koza ypek that have been taken over by the government.
ypek criticized the court decision to appoint trustees to oversee companies under Koza ypek Holding, saying that only inspection reports approved with the validation of the Capital Markets Board (SPK) are legitimate.
Mustafa Akcil, the brother of TAA President Yusuf Akcil, will be paid TL 30,000 a month for his role on the board of Koza Altyn yE-letmeleri and Koza Anadolu Metal Madencilik yE-letmeleri along with his management of Koza ypek Holding.
26 an Ankara judge ordered the takeover of Koza ypek Holding, which owns the ypek Media Group, appointing trustees to run its five critical media outlets -- BugE-n TV, KanaltE-rk, the BugE-n daily, the Millet daily and the KanaltE-rk radio station.
26, Mustafa Akcil was assigned as trustee to the management of Koza ypek Holding and two of its companies -- Koza Altyn, which works in gold mining, and Koza Anadolu Metal Madencilik, which works in metal and mining.
26, put Koza yupek Holding under administrative receivership with the management of 22 companies having been handed over to government-appointed trustees.
The hemorrhage occurred on the same day that Turkish riot police stormed the headquarters of critical media outlets affiliated with Koza ypek Holding in ystanbul shortly after dawn on Oct.
26 for Koza ypek Holding to be placed under the management of a trustee panel while an investigation continues into the group's purported ties to US-based Islamic scholar Fethullah GE-len, who is currently wanted for "being the head of and managing a terrorist organization.
They returned on Monday to throw a traditional reception for their Pakistani friends in Koza Banda area where they are working on a project.
Taking early lead, Young Jamrud United kept in more pressure to double the lead but they were failed as in the 7th minute right winger Mochamad Koza Hanipi of Indonesia netted a beautiful goal from the long distance and received thundering applauses from the sitting spectators.