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KWDKuwaiti Dinar (Currency Unit, ISO)
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KWDKombucha Wonder Drink
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KWDKids with Diabetes (magazine)
KWDKatz Web Design (Lakewood, Colorado)
KWDKunnen, Willen, Durven (management firm; Netherlands)
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Treasury Department Acting General Manager Jassem Al-Yassin mentioned that the three-year deposit in Kuwaiti dinar has achieved returns during Q2 of this year that reached 0.
The facility was, however, temporarily broadened last year to encompass Kuwaiti dinar exchange positions resulting from trade undertaken in the interbank market, which at the time was considered appropriate in order to assist the smooth transmission of Kuwait dinar exchange flows.
Treasury Department Manager Abdul Wahab Al-Roshoud stated that the three-year deposit in Kuwaiti dinar has achieved returns until the end of Q4 of last year 1.
8 billion Kuwaiti dinars ($120bn) last year, an increase of 8pc, following four consecutive years of double-digit growth.
Customers using their VISA credit card will receive 1 chance in the draw for every Kuwaiti Dinar spent in Kuwait and 3 chances in the draw for every Kuwaiti Dinar spent abroad.
The issue is divided into four tranches, two Kuwaiti Dinar dominated and two US Dollars dominated, with interest paid on a semi-annual basis.
Kuwait switched its dollar peg to a basket of currencies in May last year, but what most people do not know is that the Kuwaiti dinar is now pegged in this manner - 80pc against the dollar and the remaining 20pc is against a basket of currencies (euro, yen, Swiss franc etc.
KUWAIT, Oct 18 (KUNA) -- The 55th anniversary of the decree for launching the Kuwaiti dinar will fall on October 19th (tomorrow Monday), an occasion depicting the country's progress and prosperity, for the banknote is an iconic symbol of its sovereignty and pride.
Customers using their MasterCard credit cards locally will be eligible to enter the draw with 1 chance for every Kuwaiti Dinar spent.
This fund, says NBK, is the eighteenth edition of the Islamic Ijarah funds and the second from the Kuwaiti Dinar series and will be offered to its Private Banking clients.
KUWAIT, Jan 13 (KUNA) -- The exchange rate of the main currencies, namely the US dollar, Euro, Yen, Swiss Franc and the pound sterling were all stable against the Kuwaiti dinar on Tuesday, compared to yesterday's exchange rate.
KUWAIT, Oct 1 (KUAN) -- The USD exchange maintained stability against the Kuwaiti dinar on Wednesday, at KD 0.