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KVARKilovolt-Ampere Reactive
KVARKondor Value at Risk (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
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If the reactive power of the static capacitor is 750 KVAR can we switch on the load switch (LS), depending on the following power calculation of induction motor, the power triangle is illustrated in Figure (2-b).
This makes the need for risk management tools such as KVAR both a fact of life and part of an exciting opportunity for sound and sustainable growth.
is using the power of television to market its Power-Save KVAR 1200 product via a DRTV television commercial.
Tenders are invited for Supply Of Lt Capacitor 4 Kvar, 8 Kvar, 12 Kvar, 30 Kvar, 70 Kvar.
intends to begin marketing the KVAR 1200 via a DRTV television commercial in February 2006.
com/) to produce its 60 sec DRTV television commercial featuring the KVAR PU-1200 (US patent 5,440,442) Energy Saving Product.
For generator operation, the Galaxy PW boasts a truly generator friendly design due to its low kVAR input filter that limits reactive current fed to the generator.
will instigate a Special Shareholder Program for its KVAR PU-1200 (US patent 5,440,442) Energy Saving Product.
The VESS unit, which will be modular and relocatable in design, will be used by PacifiCorp to supply peak power capacity (charging in the off-peak hours) and provide end of line voltage support (supplying up to 250 kVAR of reactive power) in a remote area in southeastern Utah.