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Stewart Barnett, marketing director at Kwik Fit Insurance Services, said: "The 2016 competition is relatively unique as being so close to home allows fans to drive to the French host towns and cities, saving them a signifi-cant amount of money - and even more so with car shares.
Stewart Barnet, of Kwik Fit Insurance Services, said: "It is difficult to argue the case for train travel on some journeys.
Stewart Barnett, marketing director at the Kwik Fit Insurance Services, said: "We're sure the right insurer is out there for James, but given his track record and the, shall we say, specialist nature of his cars, we will politely decline.
Kwik Fit Insurance Services was launched in 1995 and has grown to become one of the UK's leading motor insurance distributors, as well as a major presence in home insurance and other markets.
Since its launch in 1995, Kwik Fit Insurance Services has grown and developed into one of Scotland's most dynamic contact centres specializing in general insurance, home and car insurance.
They include Kwik Fit Insurance Services, Orange, Slater's Menswear, Amari Plastics, Oakwood Foods, Wimpey Homes and Watson and Philip.