KXKKomsomolsk Na Amur (Russia)
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The first step in computing a weighted kappa is to assign weights representing the different levels of agreement for each cell in the KxK contingency table.
Then, the Cicchetti-Allison weight and the Fleiss-Cohen weight in each cell of the KxK contingency table are computed as follows:
In a kxk payoff matrix, the anti-diagonals are those cells in ith row and jth column such that i + j = k + 1.
k] the kxk matrix having all its diagonal elements equal to 1 and all others equal to -1/(k - 1).
in practice this is achieved by weighting the initial factor loadings, [Mathematical Expression Omitted], by the kxk matrix [Q.
The main computation complexity for ZF precoding lies in the inversion of KxK matrix W, so several approximated approaches including the Neumann series have been investigated recently, which are shown in Section 1.
Based on the Neumann series, the matrix inversion of KxK matrix W is transformed to the sum of matrix polynomials as
Chain link fencing projects will include installation of new chain link fencing (2 X 2 KxK and 1 X1 KxK), Vehicle Gates, along with Pedestrian, fence posts, and demo of existing chain link.
1:K] (a distribution over the vocabulary), a K-vector [mu] and a KxK covariance matrix [SIGMA], where [micro] and [SIGMA] are the mean and covariance of the normal distribution.
The length of the shortest line for each pair of cameras can be represented by a matrix with the size of KxK for convenience.