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L-FABPLiver-Type Fatty Acid Binding Protein (biochemistry)
L-FABPLiver Cytosolic Fatty Acid Binding Protein
L-FABPLevels of Fatty Acid Binding Protein
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Other biomarkers, such as KIM-1, L-FABP, and IL-18, also appear to have an important capacity to assess kidney injury and prognosis.
The functions of L-FABP and I-FABP are different; the former participates in the uptake of long-chain fatty acids from digesta in the small intestine into intestinal epithelial cells, and the latter transports fatty acids from the cells to the organism (Prows et al.
In the present study, CORT administration increased the expression of PepT1, L-FABP, CaBP-D28k mRNA significantly (p<0.
The aim of our study was to compare the behavior of serum concentrations of L-FABP with ALT and [alpha]-GST in association with episodes of acute hepatocellular damage.
To determine the biological variation of circulating L-FABP on the reference interval, plasma samples were obtained, as described previously (7,8), from 80 healthy individuals (40 males and 40 females) to study the influence of age and gender and from another 12 healthy individuals (6 males and 6 females) to study the influence of circadian rhythm.