L-NMMANitric Oxide Synthase Inhibitor NG-Monomethyl-L-Arginine
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Intriguingly, ADDA-mediated reduction of iNOS and Src was mimicked by a Src inhibitor PP2 or an iNOS inhibitor L-NMMA pretreatment, indicating reduction of iNOS by ADDA, at least in part, contributes to Src inhibition in LPS-stimulated macrophages.
Abbreviations: ADDA, (7R,8S)-9-acetyl-dehydrodiconiferyl alcohol; COX-2, cyclooxygenase-2; FAK, focal adhesion kinase; iNOS, inducible nitric oxide synthase; L-NMMA, [N.
More importantly, the relaxation effect of anthocyanins was not observed in the presence of NOS inhibitor L-NMMA (Fig.
have shown that a blackcurrant concentrate with a high content of anthocyanins produced an approximately 80% relaxation in norepinephrine precontracted rat aortic rings, and that the response was inhibited after addition of L-NMMA or OdQ (24).
Because the arteriolar response to intraluminal A23187 infusion after ROFA exposure is significantly less than that during L-NMMA superfusion in normal rats (blue bars vs.
Likewise, the NOS inhibitor L-NMMA partially inhibits the relaxing effect of L-arginine, indicating the presence of NOS in the cardiac stomach.
If this is correct, then one could predict that the NOS inhibitor L-NMMA would also cause contraction by inhibiting endogenous NO production.
L-NMMA (a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor) is effective in the treatment of cardiogenic shock.
The decrease in OZ-concentration is similar to the decrease in the NO concentration in the presence of L-NMMA.
is inhibited by the presence of the nonspecific NOS inhibitor L-NMMA.
L-NMMA reduced forearm blood flow, a vasoconstrictor effect suggesting substantial contribution of nitric oxide to the basal dilator tone of forearm resistance vessels.
Although the systemic and coronary vasodilator responses to acetylcholine were substantially attenuated with L-NMMA in these studies, the responses were not entirely abolished, suggesting that relaxant factors other than nitric oxide may also be released from the endothelium in response to acetylcholine.