L2LLan to Lan
L2LLocal to Local
L2LLike to Like (comparison)
L2LLove to Laugh
L2LLawyer to Lawyer
L2LLibrary to Library
L2LLearning to Learning
L2LLads to Leaders and Leaderettes (Church of Christ youth program; est. 1968; various locations)
L2LLAN (Local Area Network)-to-LAN (Local Area Network; computer networking)
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What changes took place in the schools with new principals during the L2L Leadership Pilot Program?
Given the importance of school leadership and the projected retirement of a number of current principals, the Alberta Teachers' Association initiated a 16-month pilot of the L2L Leadership Program to support newly appointed principals.
The L2L Leadership Pilot Program, which was based on the design successfully used by Olivero et al.
While the best evaluation design to address the effectiveness of Cognitive Coaching would have been to have two random samples of new principals (experimental design) or two similar samples of new principals (quasi-experimental design) to allow examination of cause-and-effect relationships, the start-up time and costs of the pilot L2L Leadership Program precluded use of either of these designs.
what changes were in the schools of the new principals from the beginning of the L2L Leadership Pilot Program and the time at which the questionnaires were administered.
will coaches continue if the L2L Leadership Program is offered after the pilot and will new principals take the training to become a coach).
The coaches and new principals were asked in the questionnaires to make up to three recommendations for improving the L2L Leadership Program based on their participation in the pilot program.
The program directors and members of the Advisory Committee for the L2L Leadership program wanted to identify what changes might be needed before full implementation of the program.
Along the L2L corridor lies the largest remaining wetland in the county, formerly hidden to any but adjacent landowners.
Using the 5M model outlined in the book Interpretive Planning by Lisa Brochu, Debra carefully researched potential user groups and their needs, demographics within walking distance of the area, and the cultural and natural histories of the lands through which L2L meanders.
While each of the six centers of Cleveland Metroparks has already shifted some types of programming to meet that need, L2L is the first Cleveland Metroparks APT trail that achieves the goal of connecting communities off parkway roads through a self-paced recreational experience that connects a sense of self to a sense of place through direct, community-driven interpretive elements.
The L2L service will be provided on a monthly subscription model and several packaged service options will be offered to fit all budgets," said Reshma Nigam, Founder and President of Markable Solutions.