L2LLawyer to Lawyer
L2LLibrary to Library
L2LLearning to Learning
L2LLads to Leaders and Leaderettes (Church of Christ youth program; est. 1968; various locations)
L2LLAN (Local Area Network)-to-LAN (Local Area Network; computer networking)
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It took almost 10 years to create a series of partnerships between Cleveland Metroparks and agencies and individuals within and adjoining the proposed trail corridor to create the landmass necessary for L2L.
Along the L2L corridor lies the largest remaining wetland in the county, formerly hidden to any but adjacent landowners.
Using the 5M model outlined in the book Interpretive Planning by Lisa Brochu, Debra carefully researched potential user groups and their needs, demographics within walking distance of the area, and the cultural and natural histories of the lands through which L2L meanders.
Sadly, the business angels reject your idea because they can't see how L2L could ever be a viable product.
The Learn to Lead course we participated in was organized by Mike Murphy, who had been working for L2L fulltime for six months, after eight years studying engineering.