L2MLand to Mobile
L2MListening to Music (internet chat)
L2MLove to Meet
L2MLaughing to Myself (Internet slang)
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Steve O'Connor, founder and principal of L2M FSDG, was previously a project manager and principal at HSI and was instrumental in the firm's startup.
L2M FSDG previously handled projects for several higher education clients, yet the firm's core market sectors have historically been healthcare, travel and leisure, business and industry, and retail.
L2M FSDG has also acquired several projects from HSI that complement L2M FSDG's existing relationship with HMSHost.
L2M has retained three employees from HSI, doubling its employee base to six staff, including project managers, CAD designers, interior designers, and support staff.
But there is a third communication process that I think is far more important than either L2M and M2L.
Better L2M communication as well as M2L opportunities.
Catharines, Ontario, Canada L2M 6S9 Phone: (905)988-9448 Fax: (905)685-1640 Contact: Marvin Myhre, president Technical Service: Basic testing, tensile and tear properties, C, set, air and oil aging, low temperature, rheometer and Mooney, rebound, DeMattia, mixing (internal and mill) and curing, SPC/ WHMIS
ST CATHARINES PATTERN LIMITED, 26 Export Ave, St Catharines, L2M 7P2, (905) 684-2111, FAX: (905)-682-1481.
Catharines, Ontario Canada L2M IV6 416/641-6472 Directors Terms Expire 1992) Cyril D.