L3DLifelong Learning and Design (University of Colorado at Boulder; Boulder, CO)
L3DLemmings 3D (computer game)
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The timing of the Comet L3D technology is coincident with and complements the rise in reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and additive manufacturing (3D printing).
L3D became especially prominent around the time of the infamous Mohamed Mahmoud Street clashes.
L3D says using conventional channels for blood transfer is not an option, owing to the inefficiency of state bureaucracy and of the health care system.
L3D allows for full transparency and credibility since the donor interacts directly with the patient and we are just a mediator.
The COMET L3D 5M also has a newly developed pulsed operation adapted to the LED, which provides for a high light intensity.
The BLUE-LED technology of the COMET L3D 5M sensor provides for extremely fast recording of up to 5M measuring points.
The package consisting of the COMET L3D 8M and the COMETplus software offers all the necessary functions for easy and efficient work processes.
The Comet L3D is a combination of blue light technology coupled with high accuracy, quick acquisition and portability.
The L3D Sensor comes in an ergonomic weight optimized, rugged transport box for one-man operation capability.
The main application for the L3D is quality control but also for 3D-Digitizing for reverse engineering in plastics and metal industries.