LACASLatin American and Caribbean Area Studies (Binghamton University; State University of New York; Binghamton, NY)
LACASLahore College of Arts and Sciences (Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan)
LACASLaser Applications in Close Air Support
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Speaking about the victory, Ali Irfan Anwar, head of LACAS Debate, said, 'Much credit to my co-coaches, students, and credit to the school and the administration on a wonderful achievement.
LACAS School beat Doon School to bag the award for second time in a row
The team from LACAS spoke for the motion and Cathedral and John Connon opposed it.
LACAS team which consisted of three speakers; Rabia Bokhari, Salam Shah and Symrun Aslam have done their school proud by keeping up the tradition of their Seniors and done their country proud by bringing home this prestigious trophy to Pakistan.
But still, the official stressed that the LACAS, led by the local government chairmen, were not doing much in terms of financing EDOSACA.