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LACPLink Aggregation Control Protocol
LACPLeague of American Communications Professionals
LACPLos Angeles Community Policing
LACPLos Angeles County Police (Los Angeles, CA)
LACPLink Access Control Protocol
LACPLoadmaster Aft Control Panel
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3[degrees] da LACP estatui que "a acao civil podera ter por objeto a condenacao em dinheiro ou o cumprimento de obrigacao de fazer ou nao fazer".
The LACP Vision Awards are internationally recognised as one of the top two global award schemes for annual reports.
180-35, de 24 de agosto de 2001, vigente ate a presente data, com ultima edicao sob o numero 2180-34, modificou, dentre outros dispositivos legais, a LACP, acrescentando a seguinte redacao: "Art.
Dr Kannangara said that the LACP Vision Awards was a result of close co-operation between Smart Media and Ithmaar Bank.
The LEP, LQP, and LWFQ were stationary in levels, while the LACP, LEPR, and LIPR were nonstationary in levels but became stationary in first differences.
Nine out of the top ten Fortune 500 companies participate in LACP competitions.
La CNBV les asigna su nivel de operacion de acuerdo al monto de los activos que manejen, de acuerdo a lo senalado en la LACP existiendo cuatro niveles:
El sistema nuevo contemplo reformas a la legislacion con base en: derogacion de la Ley del Credito Rural de 1975; creacion de la LACP durante 2001; liquidacion de BANRURAL en 2002; decreto para crear la Financiera Rural en 2003 e impulso de programas de apoyo, con aplicacion de criterios e indicadores de eficiencia.
The Cognis 2006 Annual Report as well as the Sustainability Report were among the Gold award winners, and this is the fifth time that the company has been recognized by the LACP.
The "Feelosophy" marketing campaign was also a success with award juries: at the LACP ceremony, the campaign as a whole won a Gold award, and the brochure a Silver.
The EDS-518A supports intelligent network management functions, such as QoS for traffic prioritization, IGMP snooping and GMRP for filtering multicast traffic, VLAN and GVPR for network planning, LACP for optimum bandwidth utilization, SNMP V1/V2c/V3 for network management security, and RMON for network monitoring.
The Coldwell Banker organization won six LACP Spotlight Awards, which honor excellence in the practice of communications.