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LACTLease Automatic Custody Transfer (automatic transfer of ownership of crude oil)
LACTLast Activity (credit)
LACTLucas Area Community Theater (Lucas, KS)
LACTLos Angeles College Tour, Inc.
LACTLibrary of Anglo-Catholic Theology
LACTLight Air Cavalry Troop
LACTLos Angeles City Traffic Test (brakes)
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With respect to validity, correlations of the LACT total test with the Wide Range Achievement Test combined Reading and Spelling have been found to range from +.
With respect to concurrent validity, the subtests of the CTOPP are correlated with the LACT.
Then the sample was split into two equivalent groups, A and B, based on LACT scores.
The Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania was recently awarded an additional $605,000 per year from the Commonwealth Government for a family law court project set to run over the next two and a half years, which will help to ensure continued provision of important services and maintain a sound financial footing for the LACT.
The Evans Review involved wide-ranging consultation with stakeholders and further consultation has been undertaken on the Bill, including with the Law Society of Tasmania and the Chair of the LACT.
The Department of Justice has worked closely with the LACT Chair and Director on the implementation of the other recommendations of the Evans Review, the majority of which have been implemented or are in progress.
The LACT plays a valuable role in providing legal assistance to many Tasmanians and the Hodgman Liberal Government has supported this role by providing an additional $283,000 in funding in the 2016-17 budget.
At each of the LACT units exists a field cabinet with MOSCAD RTU, a radio, battery, power supply, and terminations for field wiring.
Therefore, although the court sympathizes with plaintiff," said Judge Nardelli, her complaint must be dismissed because damages for her mental distress are not recoverable on the lacts alleged .
Contract award notice: fourniture de desserts lacts pour isosl.